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Distributor Search

Finding quality distributors for your products abroad

Distributor Search is a unique and professional service assisting companies in finding strong distributors for their products abroad.
Good distributors, whether agents, importers or joint ventures will allow a quick start to new export sales. The key problem however is to find the right distributor.
Distributor Search uses a very systematic method to find most promising distributors. We have successfully carried out systematic distributor search in many countries and sectors since 1982. With our support and preparation you only invest time in the most suitable companies.

Distributor Search uses a 3 Module approach. Each Module can be ordered saperately.

Module 1: Distributor Shortlist
Module 2: Distributor Shortlist + Distributor Contact
Module 3: Distributor Shortlist + Distributor Contact + Distributor Sales Meeting

Please continue to  how we work for more information about our method.


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